Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many emails each day. In an effort to dedicate more time to creating instead of battling a large inbox, I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here in the hope of helping you find the information you need.


» Do you accept commissions, in general?
Due to my current workload, and planned future projects, I am generally closed to new commission work, with a few exceptions. See below.

» Do you accept mask commissions? Can you create a mask for me?
Masks take from 1-3 months to create. Due to this, I generally make only 1-2 masks per year. I am closed to new mask commissions indefinitely. For more information about my mask creation and commissions, please view this Google Document I created about them.

» Can you loan, rent, or sell any of your existing masks?
This is a surprisingly common question, mostly from film makers, commercial makers, theater, and stage performers. My masks are all 100% hand made and often take 1-2 months each. If any masks are available for sale, they will be listed in my online shop. Otherwise, they are all already sold/owned, and not available for rent or loan. Regrettably, it is also very unlikely I can create a new mask with any less than 6 months lead time. Thank you for understanding!

» Do you create custom jewelry?
Due to hand health issues and increasing difficulty in gripping jeweling tools, by necessity I have scaled back my jewelry production considerably. I am unable to take custom jewelry creation work.

» Do you accept book or novel cover commissions?
Occasionally, yes. If you are an independent author seeking illustrations, please view my body of work to see if the style and subject matter lines up with your vision. Make sure you have a good idea of what rights to the image(s) you will need to purchase (researching this before contacting your artist will save a lot of time and headache). Have a good idea of your budget (my rates generally begin at $800), size of the project, if you just need a front cover vs. a wrap-around dust jacket, etc. Know if you plan on publishing in a physical format, electronic, or both. If you are not self-publishing, generally your publisher will seek out artists from their pool of talent (which the author may have input on.. or not!). If you are a publisher or art director, I am happy to discuss!

» Do you do requests or trades?
Thank you for asking, but no, I do not have enough working time to dedicate to requests or trades.

» Do you have any tutorials or art guides?
I have a simple Guide to Approaching Duck Stamp Artwork, designed to help young or new artists looking to create duck stamp competition designs.
Otherwise I have no specific tutorials and due to time constraints I will probably not be making any. That said, I do post some exclusive behind-the-scenes content to my Patreon, and while none are specific tutorials, I do show works in progress, lots of sketches, and I describe my process in many different mediums.

» Can you guide or tutor me, my child, or someone I know?
I do love to help, but as you probably guessed from reading this FAQ, I have very little “free” time and I regret that I simply can’t dedicate enough time to do this justice.

» Do you do speaking engagements or presentations?
Yes. I have a talk and presentation I have given at many institutions called “The Art of Conservation”, where I discuss some history of how art is tied to conservation movements here in the USA (with a focus on the Federal Duck Stamp). I also discuss my personal history with art as an outreach tool. This talk has been popular at Audubon locations and nature centers. While the talk is all-ages appropriate, young children may find parts a bit boring and generally the audience is age 10 and up. If you are interested in having me speak, feel free to email me.

» Will you sign a Federal Duck Stamp for me?
Yes. If you have a 2015-16 Federal Duck Stamp (RW-82, ruddy ducks) that you’d like me to sign, please send it to me with a postage-paid return envelope. Please include a note as to where you’d like me to sign your stamp. If it is not specified, I will sign on the face of the stamp. Any stamps received without a postage-paid return envelope (or similar container) will not be returned. There is no fee for up to two stamps. If you have many stamps you’d like signed, please contact me for my signature rate.

Send your stamp to:
Jennifer Miller
PO Box 128
Westons Mills, NY 14788