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Featherdust Facebook Fan Page
Featherdust (Jennifer) At Twitter
Deviantart Gallery - This gallery is often updated more frequently than this site, and you can leave comments on my work.
Duck Stamp Adventure Blog A Blog documenting my year duing my duck stamp win.
Duck Stamp Adventure Tumblr A mirror of the Blog above, but in Tumblr Flavor.
Personal Tumblr A blogging site with a somewhat more personal edge.

Some places around the web that I enjoy:

Windstone Editions- Windstone Editions is the home Dragons, Fantasy and Feminine Inspirational Figurines and Prints by M. Pena and Maya Hill. These are the best and highest quality fantasy figurines on the market today, in my opinion. If you are a nut for dragons, gryphons, unicorns, pegasi, kirins, etc, check these out! Be sure to join us on the Forum!

All About Birds- The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Here you can learn about North American bird species; this also works as an online field guide!

WetCanvas- A large online community for talking art. Forums for nearly any visual art you can imagine, and lots of artist resources here.

Flight Aware- Flight Aware is for airplane enthusiasts and geeks like me that enjoy watching flight patterns in realtime of aircraft. This is really fun if you know someone's flight number- you can track their flight!

Weather Underground- Weather Underground is the best online resource for accurate, scientific weather data. If you want more than the shiny terms and numbers that your local news or even the Weather Channel tosses at its viewers, check out this site. The data on here and all the different radar modes is a delight to those that want more in-depth data.

Duck Stamps- What on earth are these duck stamp things I keep going on about? Learn more here! Did you know-- since 1934, duck stamps alone have generated more than $850 million, which has been used to help purchase or lease over 5.3 million acres of waterfowl habitat in the U.S. These lands are now protected in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's National Wildlife Refuge System.

Backyard Chickens- Everything you ever wanted to know about chickens and chickenkeeping. Chickens are the best. I love every chicken.

A Guide to Backyard Bird Watching- A nice selection of links related to backyard bird watching, suggested by Laura.

Artist Sites:

Gurney Journey, The online blog for James Gurney. You will learn more than you ever realized you didn't know about art. Check it out!

The Artwork of "Vantid" Amber Hill- Gorgeous artwork by professional artist Amber Hill. A must see for anyone that enjoys fantasy-wildlife artwork.

The Art of Hillary Esdaile (Rah-Bop)- Truly amazing and inspiring fantasy and real world artworks by Hillary Esdaile. These are just incredible, make sure to have a look, you won't regret it.

The Art of Melody Pena- The creative genius behind the fantasy sculpture of Windstone Editions. She makes the most amazing art and statues!!

Guy Coheleach - is a world renowned Wildlife artist and for good reason. An inspiration!

The Studio of Morten E. Solberg- My favorite watercolorist! Glorious, free and amazing watercolor wildlife artworks. Well worth a look.

Raymond Harris-Ching - Unfortunately he does not have a dedicated website, but it's worth searching for his work or looking at his books. By far my largest artistic inspiration! You will no doubt see why.

John Banovich - Another renowned wildlife artist, with beautiful and expressive oil paintings.

Carl Rungus - The Master wildife painter.

Matthew Hillier - With beautiful paintings full of light and color, Matthew is another favorite.

Aaron Blaise - A former Disney animator, this guy will blow you away with both his realistic wildlife art as well as character development, and works in digital as well as traditional media. He also offers digital tutorials.

Shari Erickson- Shari is a very talented Wildlife artist and a very kind person if you ever have the pleasure to speak with her.

Mikel Wintermantel - An extremely talented local artist, known for his luminous landscapes. He's also an all around great guy!

Wing/Bird References:

I have taught panels on drawing wings for artists before. Here are a few online resources to help artists with wings and bird anatomy...

Wing Image Collection- Detailed photographs of bird wings. The University of Pugent Sound.

Flight Notes 1 , Flight Notes 2 - Pages with lectures and information regarding bird flight.

Feather Atlas- Just what it sounds like; an online guide to feathers and identifying them.

Zoological Museum Amsterdam- Bird specimens in 3D. These are useful bird study skins viewable in a rotating 3D format.

Parroquet- Gorgeous high-speed (slow motion) videos of macaws flying. Very useful in learning the dynamics of bird flight... plus they are just plain pretty.

DigiMorph- Very cool site; all animal artists and fantasy artists should give this a look for understanding anatomy better. This site essentially has 3D x-ray scans of animals.

Bat Videos- Useful for drawing bats, and very handy for dragon artists too.

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