Inspired at a very young age by the amazing works of Jim Henson, with The Dark Crystal film being a highlight of my childhood, crafting realistic masks has always been an artistic goal of mine. I soon realized these masks are a wonderful tool for educational outreach, especially when teaching children about birds. These masks are all completely one-of-a-kind works of art, carefully crafted with weeks of labor. The beaks on these masks are articulated and moves with the wearer’s jaw, adding an additional interactive component. I am often asked if I sell these; if any are available, I will list them in my shop so please check there first. For commission information, please click here. The masks would not be possible without the talents of the resin shell crafters, and they are credited in the photos.

The above video is a demonstration of the movement of an osprey mask. The jaw is hinged and moves with the wearer’s mouth movements via simple analog means. No anamatronics or motors are used.