Inspired at a very young age by the amazing works of Jim Henson, with The Dark Crystal being a highlight of my childhood, crafting realistic masks has always been an artistic goal of mine. These masks are all one of a kind works of art, but are made to be worn and the mouth is articulated with the wearer's jaw. The masks would not be possible without the talents of the resin shell crafters, and they are credited in the photo descriptions.

The "Bird Critters" are also a fun hobby to create.

Some of these pieces may be available. To view available masks or critters, click here.

All works are copyright © Jennifer Miller.


birdcrittersbatch1_small.jpg birdcrittersbatch2_small.jpg birdcrittersbatch3_small.jpg cinderthephoenixcloseup_small.jpg cinderthephoenix_small.jpg
cinderthephoenixprofile_small.jpg kinglettheraptorposing_small.jpg kingletandqaw_small.jpg kinglettheraptor_small.jpg kleiveerthebeardedvulturelooming_small.jpg
kleiveerthebeardedvulture_small.jpg letttheosprey_small.jpg metisthenorthernspottedowl_small.jpg brubuthephilippineeagleworn_small.jpg brubuthephilippineeageopenbeak_small.jpg
brubuthephilippineeaglegatheringdonations_small.jpg brubuthephilippineeagle_small.jpg qawthefantasyraven_small.jpg qawsurveying_small.jpg reinthegryphon_small.jpg
reinthegryphonopenbeak_small.jpg reinthegryphonsideview_small.jpg reinthegryphonprofile_small.jpg shortearedowlmask_small.jpg vesperthegryphon_small.jpg